Kerala Ayurveda Exterior Signage

Kerala Ayurveda

Store Design

Kerala Ayurveda’s flagship store in Bangalore needed to break away from the notion of Ayurveda as a messy and difficult therapy by making it accessible and inviting. The format was a mix of therapy, consultation and a pharmacy and the store design integrated all three fluidly into an open space that was contemporary, minimal and warm, with the perfect blend of authentic Kerala elements and modern retail.

Kerala Ayurveda Entrance
Kerala Ayurveda Reception

The graphics celebrated the sensorial aesthetic by using techniques like laser etching, and screen printing, on canvas and wood.

Kerala Ayurveda Therapy Room Entrance
Kerala Ayurveda Therapy Room
Kerala Ayurveda Leaflets
Kerala Ayurveda Health Brochure


Kerala Ayurveda Limited

Bangalore, India


Arati Iyer
Sreedevi Harris




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